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At VibraTheta, we live with the purpose of using each area and aspect of daily life as an opportunity for healing. We encounter limiting patterns and associations of the unconscious mind and release beliefs based on lack or fear and exchange them with the feeling and experience of love and expansion. As founders, instructors and practitioners, we use the ThetaHealing® technique on a daily basis to fulfill our mission.
Our mission is to experience constant and lasting inner peace in our lives through emotional freedom and expansion of the mind. We extend this experience with others who are called to live with a consciousness of peace, joy, and love through workshops and healing sessions.  

Our Team - Instructors Paulette and Felipe

Paulette Waltz creció en los suburbios de Washington, D.C., estudió Psicología en la Universidad de Emory, y más tarde Comunicación, Cultura y Tecnología en la Universidad de Georgetown. Su trabajo ha sido en los campos de los medios de comunicación y la educación. Vivió en Asia durante cinco años, ha viajado a más de 50 países en donde vivió, trabajó y enseñó . Ella siguió su llamado espiritual que la llevó a Perú y ahora canaliza su formación con el propósito de sanar. Trabaja con otras modalidades en adición a ThetaHealing que incluyen Un Curso de Milagros, Reiki y otras sanaciones energéticas, masaje y trabajo corporal, plantas medicinales y yoga.

Felipe Marin is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. He is a trained counselor in natural nutrition and wellness and chef in live and vegan food who worked in different countries and retirement centers as a chef and with topics related to permaculture and organic agriculture. For Felipe, food and nutrition were his gateway to spirituality and self-inquiry and, through it, he has found a way to connect people with their truth using practical modalities to unite in the Presence of Being.

Together, we help to remind each other of our purpose and to continue doing our internal work and spiritual practice daily.

We believe that every act of unconditional love is a miracle, so we have dedicated our lives to be miracle workers, using any means possible to help reconnect us in true purpose, as well as expand it with all our brothers and sisters accompanying them in their process of empowerment and healing. It is through the teaching that we continue to learn for ourselves.

We invite you to join us on this wonderful journey.

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All of our ThetaHealing® Courses are approved and accredited by ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.


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