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At VibraTheta, we live with the purpose of using each area and aspect of daily life as an opportunity for healing. We encounter limiting patterns and associations of the unconscious mind and release beliefs based on lack or fear and exchange them with the feeling and experience of love and expansion. 
Our mission is to experience constant and lasting inner peace in our lives through emotional freedom and expansion of the mind. We extend this experience with others who are called to live with a consciousness of peace, joy, and love through seminars and videos.

Your Instructor Paulette

Paulette Waltz grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., studied Psychology at Emory University, and later received her Master's in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University. Her work was mostly in education and media before focusing on healing work. She has lived in many places in the world, including Japan and Peru, and has traveled to over 50 countries. In addition to ThetaHealing, she also works with A Course in Miracles, Reiki, Arcturian Healing, plant medicines, and other healing modalities.

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All of our ThetaHealing® Courses are approved and accredited by ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.


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